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Data Deletion Policy

Buildworks’ Service Data Deletion Policy (“Deletion Policy”) describes how our Subscribers’ Service Data is deleted in connection with the cancellation, termination or migration of an Account within the Buildworks Services detailed herein. This Policy does not apply to (a) data that resides in any Buildworks product or services not detailed in this Policy; (b) data that resides in Non-Buildworks Services managed and hosted by third parties and the Service Data that is or may be shared with such Non-Buildworks Services (as defined in our Master Services Agreement); or (c) data that resides in a Buildworks product or service that is in a Beta, Testing or Early Access Program (except as noted within this Deletion Policy). 

Account Cancellation or Termination
Unless otherwise noted below, ninety (90) days after your Account for one of the Services listed below is cancelled or terminated; or, except as noted below, two hundred and seventy (270) days after your trial has ended for one of the Services (assuming that you have not purchased a subscription to that Service), an automated process will begin that permanently deletes your Service Data for the cancelled Service in accordance with the timelines set forth in the tables below. Once commenced, this process cannot be reversed and Service Data will be permanently deleted.

In certain instances, including the enablement of a Deployed Associated Service (“Add-on”), such as the Advanced Security Add-on or the Data Center Location Add-on, the migration of Service Data to another data center may be required. In this process, a copy of your Service Data will be created for the purposes of assuring that it has been fully migrated to another data center. This assurance process conducted by Buildworks may take up to thirty (30) days from the date of the commencement of such migration. After the migration process has been completed and confirmed, the deletion of the copy of your Service Data in the former data center facility will commence under this policy in accordance with the timelines set forth in the tables below. Subscribers should expect that migrations will likely require a scheduled downtime.

Policy Limitations
This Deletion Policy is applicable only to the specific Service Data described above. As described in greater detail in our Privacy Policy and Master Subscription Agreement, Buildworks collects certain information from Subscribers to the Services, such as: the names and email addresses of Subscribers; billing address; and other information which may be used for billing, business analytics, marketing, and notification purposes (collectively, “Customer Information”).

The deletion procedures in this Deletion Policy do not apply to Account Information, which is maintained by Buildworks in accordance with its Privacy Policy and Master Subscription Agreement. Similarly, Buildworks collects and retains Usage Data (as defined in our Master Subscription Agreement), other metadata and statistical information concerning the use of the Buildworks Services which are not subject to the deletion procedures in this Deletion Policy.

Buildworks reserves the right not to adhere to this Policy when deleting Service Data in cases where Buildworks terminates an Account for violation of our Privacy Policy or Master Subscription Agreement.


Expedited Service Data Deletion
We do not offer expedited deletion of Service Data. Except as otherwise noted, all Service Data is deleted according to the schedules presented above.

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